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    Welcome to TNA Fishing We are going to take you along with us and the hottest bikini vixens to the top saltwater fishing destinations on the planet.
    TNA FISHING We know that fishing isn't just about the bait on your line, it's about living the premiere the fishing lifestyle.

ValerieAnn Barrington

Birth Date: 05/09/1984
Current City: Clearwater, FL
Hometown: Clearwater, FL

My Ambitions: "I want to keep on reaching my fitness goals and become a certified nutritionist & personal trainer. I also want to keep furthering my modeling and acting career, and most important, raising my 11 year old son, & sending him to College."

My Favorite Activities: "Working out, Fishing, boating, sun bathing, BBQs with friend and family."

My Perfect Day: "A perfect day for me would be to wake up with breakfast n bed, go weight training, have a nice seafood dinner, and then end the day with a deep sea fishing trip!"

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